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Gvibe 2

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Sometimes you just have to try a toy with a new feature or design to see if it will work. It’s difficult to tell when there’s something so different about a toy that you cannot compare it to other experiences. That was how it went for me and the G-vibe 2. It was only exacerbated by the fact that this vibrator with its unique shape was advertised as a way to accomplish to many goals. Alas, I should have known.

No sex toy can do it all.

And that’s not even a bad thing. Having one vibrator that works better clitorally and one that’s another G-spotter isn’t offensive in any way.  Sometimes a toy shines simply because it does one thing really well.

The Gvibe 2 is not this toy. And it’s because of the shape. This vibrator has a regular base, but the shaft split off in two not unlike a peeled banana. Ideally, this creates a whole new way of using a vibrator, and Fun Toys would absolutely have you believe this.

For me, however, the G-vibe falls into the realm of toys that can do multiple things but fail to do singular things well. You can insert it and use the other side to stimulate your clitoris or perineum. But the thickness toward the vertex means you can’t really situate the arm where you might like it nor can you ben it toward your body. The G-vibe also doesn’t provide adequate pressure for me clitorally, either. But I want clitoral stimulation to feel like I am trying to turn coal into diamonds.

I also struggled — in vain — to insert both arms, each of which is just over 1-inch wide at the widest point. This turned out to be futile. If I had another hand myself or perhaps was working with a partner, it might have worked. But I could not for the life of me squeeze the two arms close enough together to insert them both vaginally. I think it’s possible, but not easy. I definitely go for easy.

With that said, Fun Toys offers a few more suggestions via illustrations on their site, including:

  • Placing the arms on either side of the penis, ostensibly for stroking up and down
  • Inserting one arm anally while stimulating the testicles with the other
  • Inserting one arm vaginally and the other anally


There are a couple images that indicate the split between the arms is much wider than it is or, at the very least, that the two arms are longer than they are. There are only about 3.25 inches from the outer tip to tip of the arms when they sit naturally apart. And they’re only about 3.5 inches long from where they fork apart.

In one image, the toy is stimulating two genitals at the same time while the butts press close together. How you gunna do that with just over three inches of leeway?

And anyway, the shaft beneath the split arms is about the sam length but a complete waste of space because you can’t do anything with it.

LEt’s continue breaking down all the ways you can use this vibrator according to the lovely diagram above.

In the other, a person is holding the G-vibe under their jaw while giving a blowjob. The idea is interesting and might feel good for the receiver. But I suspect that your face or jaw will absorb many of the vibrations and didn’t test this at all my sticking fingers into my own mouth while awkwardly holding the vibrating under my jaw. No wait, I totally did. And felt nothing.

Finally, there’s an image of a woman holding the G-vibe to her chest with the tips of either arm stimulating each nipple. But her (imagined) anatomy is nothing at all like my own. If I hold the G-vibe against my chest — even perpendicular and forcing the arms as far apart as I can, the arms press into the inner swell of my breasts. Without spreading them, it just sits between them (one suggestion is placing the vibe between your breasts while someone titty fucks you, but it seems as though they forget about the fundamental law of gravity). Now, I realize that my ribcage forces my breasts outward (so annoying!), but what the hell person has nipples that are only 3.5 inches apart?!

The better option would be to cradle a single nipple between the arms. But having tried this, I can’t stay it does much to me. I felt more stimulation when I lightly held a single arm to the tip of one my nipples than when placed it toward the vertex. The freedom of the arms to vibrate freely is key here. But if you like vibration on your nipples, a bullet vibe might do it just as well.

Fun Toys offers a suggested use of holding the G-vibe lower than the testicles to stimulate from either side, which might work better.

If you’re a lover of clit stim, as you all know that I am, then you can hold it upside down above your clit with either the arms spread or pressed together with your hand. Again, neither of these are ideal. If I’m gripping the arms with one hand, I’ll need a second to press buttons, or I’ll need to pause stimulation to use that hand to do so. And I pretty much loathe when I have to break clit contact to switch settings on a toy.

So we’re left with several of the options suggested by Fun Toys being impossible and at least one more being possible but impractical. One is underwhelming. I can assume that not all of the options won’t appeal to every user, to begin with.

What if you find a position that you like. Perhaps there’s redemption to be found yet?

The vibrations of the Gvibe 2 are what I would call gentle and buzzy. I am sure some people would enjoy them and the handful of pulsating and escalating settings. I am not one of those people.

If you do enjoy the vibrations, you can get 4 hours on one charge (the magnetic charger reminds me of Fun Factory’s charger system) according to Fun Toys. The Gvibe 2 I received is still going and I haven’t even charged it yet! Of course, I haven’t been motivated to use it more than twice because it just does nothing for me. It’s not like one of those vibrators that will get me off with a lot of work. No amount of work will reward me with an orgasm with this toy.

I do, however, enjoy the buttons. The buttons are slightly raised with embossed symbols, so you can easily find them. They make an audible click when you press them, which I’ve always prefered. The three buttons are intuitive. If you were to insert one arm with the other against your clitoris, the buttons would face up, and you could comfortably hold this toy with a finger or two within the handle and your thumb on the buttons.

I also like the silky smoothness of the silicone of this vibrator. Although, it does collect a lot of lint and fur. I cannot complain about the characteristics o the material, however. At least it’s body safe.

GVibe 2 falls in line with a number of modern vibrators that mimic Lelo’s luxury aesthetic — especially those in the Insignia line. The build quality seems good, and it’s sleek. But where it counts, this toy just falls short.

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