The Freedom Of The Casual Sex Hook-Up

Most men and some women can have casual sex, a one night stand, or whatever term you use to describe sex outside of a relationship with no strings attached. I know men tend to compartmentalize their relationship and this allows their conscience to not really bother them. Not many women have this ability, but I know for a fact some can.

Most women start feeling guilty very soon after the event. And yes, some men, usually those more in touch with their true feelings and those in touch with their feminine sides, do feel guilty at once, and those are the guys who go home and tell their partner what they did and attempt to repent and make it up to their other halves. But it has been proven that a large majority of the male population never feels guilty enough to volunteer what they have done. And there are large numbers of men who don’t even admit to themselves what they have done. And again, there is a smaller, but still evident, group of females doing the same.

I feel there are at least two sides to every issue.

1. If you want to stay in your relationship, and what happened does not affect your relationship in any other way, why hurt your partner just to alleviate your guilt? Why ruin something that would otherwise continue to grow and make you both very happy? Your guilt is your problem, not your partners.

2. If you can put it in its own little box in your mind, close it, and never allow it to affect your feelings for your partner, why not just keep silent? What is there to gain by admitting your guilt? What is to be gained by hurting the one you love? I just see no reason to break a person’s heart if it can be helped and when it can be avoided.

Yes, some “strange” happens occasionally. We are human and no one is perfect. And there are times when you have chemistry with a total stranger, or someone you have barely met. Sometimes the chemistry is like something you have never experienced before in your life; these are the times I feel there is something worth exploring. But if afterwards you know it is not possible to be in a rewarding relationship with this new person, why ruin the happiness you have to begin with. True, this is not a scientific theory, and true, many would not agree. But that is ok; they can deal with their one night stands of casual sex in the manner they choose. And this is how I will deal with mine. Continue Reading