Bond Street escorts in my heart


Most of the time I can’t wait to get to Bond Street. Living in Dubai is okay, but during the summer it is way too hot. Unfortunately, both of my parents are elderly, so it is difficult for me to spend a long time in Bond Street during the summer. I know that a lot of folk from the Middle East seem like to sort of stay all summer in Bond Street, but I don’t feel I can do that with my aging parents. Bond Street escorts from call the chaps from Dubai and other emirates, the Arab bad boys. Believe me, I am far from an Arab bad boy.


20_12_16 london escorts 29Even though I am not an Arab bad boy, I still enjoy the company of Bond Street escorts. Many of the young ladies you can meet here are very refined, and I enjoy talking to them. Mind you, sometimes I do like to take them out somewhere and I do have a couple of favorite girls I like to take on weekend’s breaks out of Bond Street. We go to places like the Cotswold’s and even fly up to Scotland so that I can play some golf. The golf in Scotland is so much better than in Dubai.


I am a bit of disappointment to my parents as I have never married. What they don’t know is that many years ago I was in love with a girl from a Bond Street escorts agency. She had to go back home to Poland and we sort of lost touch. Perhaps you could say that she broke my heart as I still think about her every day. No other girl that I have ever met as compared to here, and I don’t think that a woman ever will again. My little Polish friend was something really special, and I love her.


I have tried to trace her so many times, but I have not been able to find her. Maybe she has forgotten about me, and is married with husband and children. To be honest, it has become a bit of an obsession and I have even asked the Polish girls at the same Bond Street escorts agency.

I only know that she came from a small Polish town in southern Poland. Maybe if she had come from a big city, it would have been easier to find her. I have even though about going driving in southern Poland to find her.


Isn’t it funny how a woman can stay in a man’s mind? I can get rid of her image despite dating many other Polish Bond Street escorts. None of the girls that I have met are the same as her. Of course, I shouldn’t expect to find her again. This all happened 20 years ago when I was a lot younger. Today, I am 53 years old but I still sit and dream about my perfect Polish girl. Every time I drive through Bond Street, I am searching for her face in the crows. It is all crazy and I should have moved on ages ago, but I just can’t get her face out of my mind.

Dandi Lucas