Adriana’s 10-Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

AKA Get your sex toys and books here!

of sex and love anniversary giveaway

I don’t always host blog anniversary giveaways or start sentences like a meme (although, you will be able to get extra entries if your meme-minded). But I figured that 10 years is a big’un. So I posted 5000+ words about my experience as a sex blogger. Then I got to work contacting companies to see who might like to sponsor some prizes to my wonderful readers.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors: Vibrant, Stockroom, Ayzad, GoodVibes, Screaming O, SheVibe, PinkCherry, PeepShow Toys, Split Peaches, Cleis Press, LovehoneyBabeland and Simon and Schuster. All these wonderful companies have made this giveaway possible.

Like many bloggers, I am providing you with some of my more cherished toys that I’ve reviewed over the years. I was so excited to provide my readers with a chance to win Split Peaches’ Unicorn dildo, not just because it’s novel but because I love it. Stockroom provided me with a bed restraint system; I’ve loved mine for years. Thanks to them, I’ve also got a Neon Wand to give away.

You’ll see that I’ve also included a number of books. I’m increasingly focusing on the science of sex (so much so that I have a feature dedicated to it) and reviewing more books. I’m sure that my readers want to get their hands on some of these titles, and I am thrilled to be able to give away Come As You Are and Tell Me What You Want, among others (some of which are still waiting me to write a review).

I’d like to take a moment to lament over the number of toys that I wasn’t able to include because they no longer exist (the toy and, in some cases, the company). Phallix and Fucking Sculptures are defunct. Fun Factory no longer makes the Twist. I enjoyed the Ceramix line by Pipedream, but that no longer exists. We’ve got very few companies hand-blowing quality glass pieces, and that’s a shame.

It’s not just glass, however. Some of my favorite vibrators can no longer be found. I’m talking about Fun Factory’s Yooo, the Tuyo, the Faerie by Tantus. The list reads like a scavenger hunt of long-forgotten sex toys, and it continues to grow.

But let’s focus on positives. Many companies have agreed to sponsor prizes for this giveaway, and I know you’re curious what they are!

The Prize List

I’ve broken down toys by location. Pay attention when you’re entering. If you are not eligible for a prize, it will invalidate your entry. Any caveats are in parenthesis.


Toys cannot be shipped to countries where they are illegal.

Canada and USA

Canada, New Zealand, Europe and USA

USA Only

  • Scoop by Screamin O — rechargeable clitoral vibrator that’s surprisingly rumbly
  • Red Velvet and Absinthe from Cleis Press (continental US) — a collection of supernatural erotica that might just be my favorite

sex education books for giveaway prizesThe following books are all shipping from me directly so will ship via Media Mail

Gift Cards

Shipping to be determined:

Now if you’ve read this far and you’re excited about the options, hold on to your strap-ons, folks. Because they just might be more to come.

How to Enter This Giveaway

I am switching things up with this giveaway. After all, it’s been ten years. It’s time! There will be plenty of the usual entry options, and the only mandatory entry is free.

Pick Your Own Entry – This entry allows you to pick your own entry that explains why you should win. You can write me something, take a photo, make some art. The winner of this will get to choose three prizes.

Question of the Day – Every day, I will post a question on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Answer the question in any of those places. This entry requires you to paste the link of your entry into the Gleam form. You can come back every day to answer. You cannot perform this entry after the 24-hour period has closed because a new day starts automatically; although, the question will remain on my socials if you want to answer for fun. I will attempt to schedule questions at the same time every day.

These entries are designed to encourage engagement, to build bonds, to start a conversation. While I don’t instate word minimums or anything like that, I appreciate thoughtful responses.

I am willing to forgive one mistake but will remove all entries from any person who repeatedly breaks the rules.

I will choose at least 10 winners, which meand some people will have a chance at multiple prizes.

Enter using the Gleam widget below.

10-Year Anniversary Giveaway (Multiple Prizes + Winners)

This giveaway runs until August 21st.

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