Adriana Currently Enjoys [July 2018 Sex Media Recommendations]

My media consumption has been pretty sex-heavy lately.


The three books that I am reading, at least two of which will show up in the near future as reviews, about. The first two have been released in the past month or so while the third is a little older. Thus far, I am loving Lehmiller’s tone in Tell Me What You Want.


Hulu just released the second season of Harlots, a period drama about an English brothel and the sex workers who are attempting to survive, avoid run-ins with the law, and win a rivalry with another brothel. It’s nice to see a show that stars so many women, and it’s not just the cast that dominated by women: the staff is, too. You might enjoy Harlots for the drama and costumes. The seasons are only a few episodes long, so you can catch up by the time the third episode of season 2 is released next week.



I am more than a little sad that the Science of Sex podcast is over for the season, so I’ve been trying to fill the hole in my heart with other sex-related podcasts. So far this week I’ve listened to Sex Out loud, American Sex, and Sex with Emily. I’d listened to a few episodes of the first two before, and they tend to focus on sex culture. American Sex is hosted by Sunny Megatron and her husband, so if you’re familiar with Sunny, then you won’t be surprised at her upfront tone and commitment to sex education. The most recent episode was about sex after trauma, and it was full of resources

Of course, this is just what I am into this week. I’ll finish books and catch up on podcasts and have a little time to enjoy more. I want to hear your recommendations in this comments, and it doesn’t have to be limited to books, podcasts, and TV. If it’s about sex and it’s worth paying attention to, I want to know!

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